Contemporary Art Quarterly

Essex Street
September 7 – October 26, 2014
UV inkjet print on aluminum
12 x 18 inches

As the World Cup showed, this country straddling the Middle-American isthmus has clout. Geopolitical scrutiny explains why: it's a darling of US companies, US intelligence agencies, US think tanks. Its leaders go on to run UN agencies. It's a model for the developing world. Or is it? Let's organize the country into its highlands, all above 1500' elevation, in red, extending along the Isthmus into Panama, and into its lowlands, receiving soil runoff, in white. Then let's assess the impact on vast water bodies. This includes Lake Managua, at one end, and the Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, on both flanks. Major dam projects might disturb the interface between red and white. Systematizing the scrutiny with satellite data, integrated with elevation data, could induce even greater improvements in a tropical habitat.
Image courtesy of Essex Street, New York
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We would especially like to thank Peter Fend for generously agreeing to participate in this project.  

Thank you to Essex Street, New York for their help acquiring hard to find texts and images of Fend's exhibitions. Daniel Herleth of Oracle, Berlin also helped provide crucial digital versions of old slides. Thanks also to Barbara and Howard Morse for a substantial collection of scans of writings, exhibition texts, and ephemera.