Contemporary Art Quarterly

Essex Street
September 7 – October 26, 2014
HAITI, 2014
UV inkjet print on aluminum
12 x 18 inches

Aid programs to Haiti usually fail, with a few exceptions, such as that of doctors from Cuba. One could better begin with assessment of its soil. Materially, this soil starts in the red area, above sea level, then is cropped, burned and washed away, with residues flowing into the blue area, below sea level. SAVE YOUR SOIL, I say. Collect it from the sea, in the biological forms of seaweed and fish. I've discussed this for decades with Haitian-Americans in NY (even Jean-Michel Basquiat; days before he died, he asked for a Haiti map; I produced it long after). If one concentrates more on the land-sea relation, and more on what flows down from that mountain ridge on the right to the territorial waters, then one can be more "humane" with the people living there
Image courtesy of Essex Street, New York
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We would especially like to thank Peter Fend for generously agreeing to participate in this project.  

Thank you to Essex Street, New York for their help acquiring hard to find texts and images of Fend's exhibitions. Daniel Herleth of Oracle, Berlin also helped provide crucial digital versions of old slides. Thanks also to Barbara and Howard Morse for a substantial collection of scans of writings, exhibition texts, and ephemera.