Contemporary Art Quarterly

Essex Street
September 7 – October 26, 2014
UV inkjet print on aluminum
12 x 18 inches

Great runners are bred there, and a huge musical force bursts out from there, but--due to Western development and mining--the main environmental problems are said to involve water quality and waste disposal. Mapping of Jamaica into its four main coasts began when the head of the North America office of the UN Environment Program, from Jamaica, asked me to map the entire Caribbean: 1982. Can such mapping extend into national policy? Social cohesion is strong; such a goal can be reached.
Image courtesy of Essex Street, New York
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We would especially like to thank Peter Fend for generously agreeing to participate in this project.  

Thank you to Essex Street, New York for their help acquiring hard to find texts and images of Fend's exhibitions. Daniel Herleth of Oracle, Berlin also helped provide crucial digital versions of old slides. Thanks also to Barbara and Howard Morse for a substantial collection of scans of writings, exhibition texts, and ephemera.