Contemporary Art Quarterly

Essex Street
September 7 – October 26, 2014
RUSSIA, 2014
UV inkjet print on aluminum
12 x 18 inches

Russia is so huge that it's frequently open to encroachments: from Europe, from China and Japan, from the arid South. Let it re-structure along two main ridges: the Urals, separating Asia from Europe, and the Lomonosov Ridge bisecting the Arctic Ocean, highlighted by Putin with an undersea flag-planting in 2007. Also, the ridgeline practice, already a custom, can distinguish Russia from the desert basins of Central Asia; the UN Secretary General stresses that those regions need their own management. With the regions shown here, concentrate on the soil flowing down to the sea, including added nutrients, including tundra meltoff, to reap huge amounts of biomass offshore. Russia is rich in ocean life It need not be dependent on fossil fuels. It has prepared for a post-petroleum future, perhaps by chance, in deciding to make methane its main transport fuel. (This three-part division answered a request of a Russian securities trader for a “restructuring,” 2014.)
Image courtesy of Essex Street, New York
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We would especially like to thank Peter Fend for generously agreeing to participate in this project.  

Thank you to Essex Street, New York for their help acquiring hard to find texts and images of Fend's exhibitions. Daniel Herleth of Oracle, Berlin also helped provide crucial digital versions of old slides. Thanks also to Barbara and Howard Morse for a substantial collection of scans of writings, exhibition texts, and ephemera.